I was surprised to find some blooming daylilies during my walk at the Arboretum today.  Last year most of them began blooming in July, but it seems everything is coming early this year because of the unusually warm spring we had.

Daylilies are edible and actually quite tasty.  You can pluck the fresh flower blooms and stuff them with herbed cheese, chicken salad, or a light dip.  They’re great with champagne too!  Just be careful – some people experience a slight laxative effect from eating too many.  Of course, that also means you could use them as a cure for constipation.

Found throughout most of the US and parts of Canada.
Garden varieties and a wild orange daylily.
You may also be interested in reading my post on storing daylilies for later use.

Caution:  Other types of lilies are poisonous

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