Coyote, The Trickster

Animal, canine, humor, Thoughts / Saturday, May 26th, 2012

A few years back, my mom and I were visiting a Missouri prairie state park.  As we drove down the dirt road, a small creature popped out from the brush behind us and began following.  When we stopped, it disappeared again.  As we continued on we realized we were once again being followed… by a little coyote pup.  We stopped (again) and the pup started coming closer.  After taking a couple pictures we began to drive away and the little pup started howling and scratching his paws against the car… it seemed to us he was trying to get in.  How special we felt to be chosen by a coyote puppy!

We continued on, knowing that we couldn’t in all seriousness take a coyote home with us, but the little pup howled even harder as if we were abandoning him.  Our hearts started to break, and knowingly wrongfully so, we threw out a very expensive raw macaroon (they’re SO good!)… we thought he had no mother and was starving, looking for someone to take care of him.

He gave a good howl while holding that macaroon in his mouth, pleased with his “killing,” so we reluctantly left the pup behind.  When we reached the end of the road we turned to look back one last time at our sweet little friend who had thought us worthy of his very special attention.  That’s when we saw another car driving up the road.

As they passed, the little coyote popped his head out from the brush and went through the exact same routine.  That little coyote, who we now call Bandit, duped us big time!  We had a good look (and laugh) at our ego, as Bandit knew exactly how to manipulate us.  It’s no wonder coyote is seen as the trickster.  Oh, and I have since then learned not to feed wild animals, even if I think they are starving, because they probably aren’t….   🙂

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