Rosa Multiflora (multi-flower wild rose)

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Rosa multiflora is a wild rose species with small, multiple blooms.  The flowers are a light pink, but fade to white with age.  Though the blooms are multiple, the other qualities of wild rose which I listed in my Wild Rose Identification article, still apply.

A native species of Asia, rosa multiflora is an invasive weed in the US.  I don’t usually worry about over-harvesting invasive weeds for recipes and remedies, as they tend to crowd out native species.    This wild rose species has an intoxicating fragrance…  I always move in close to drink in the heady perfume.  Have you stopped to smell the roses today?

Wild Rose
Invasive Rose

Distributed throughout much of the US, especially eastern united states.  I often find rosa multiflora near lakes and in woods.  This one was found at Morton Arboretum.

Check out the similarities in the leaves compared to yesterday’s post.

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