Confused Moth

When I first found this pure white moth resting peacefully on a leaf, I wasn’t quite sure what it was.  After lots of searching, I still had no answer.  What was the name of this creature?  Finally – after a couple days – I figured it out!  It’s name is Confused Eusarca Pale Beauty and it definitely had me confused.  These moths are usually a beige like color, but I happened to find a white one with very delicate horizontal line markings.

On second thought, maybe it’s something else!  Anybody know?

UPDATE July 5, 2015

A Dirty Wormy reader recently wrote, “The beautiful moth that you posted on June 3, 2012, is a Pale Beauty, It is similar to a Confused Eusarca, but the colour is different (lines are greenish, not brownish) and the upper lines are straight, not curved as in the Eusarca. This is a particularly lovely one. It still has the delicate green shading, and the hindwings are more scalloped than usual.” – Carolyn King

BIG thanks to Carolyn for commenting and identifying our moth!

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