Dirty Wormy Moves To The Desert

southwest desert

Dirty Wormy has been MIA for the past few years while I was moving around the country.  Prior to my first big move I was living in the Chicagoland, Illinois area, and was learning about woodland plants like wood sorrel.  Since then, I’ve hopped around a bit in Utah, before settling into Tuba City, AZ (Navajo Nation) with my man.

We are living in the heart of the southwest, near the four corners.  It is hauntingly beautiful out here and I’ve learned a whole new meaning for the concept of silence.   Within that silence, I’ve met many new plants that I’m excited to share, so I’m getting back in the saddle.   I’ll be writing posts on how to identify wildflowers and use them medicinally, or as food.  (Just think of the money to be saved by eating weeds!)  I’ll also share my favorite books and resources for identifying wildflowers with all my awesome readers.  In fact, I’ve recently come across some great new ones written from a perspective more akin with the local natives. More on that later!

It’s time for me to get down-to-earth and back to nature.  Welcome to the wild and untouched (relatively speaking) American Southwest!

ps Everything is prickly here.  Ouch.

desert wildflowers

Desert Cactus In Bloom


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