Weed Wars: Meet The Bullheads

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About a year ago, I moved to Navajo Nation where I met a member of the Caltrop Family.  She is one of the nastiest in-laws, and most unpleasant relationships I’ve ever had.  When she first appeared, she gave the impression of sweetness and innocence.  I was lulled into thinking we could possibly become good friends.  The more I got to know her, the less I believed in the possibilities.

She creeps into everybody’s business, getting involved in their personal homes and affairs.  Any time there’s the slightest disturbance, she finds her way in and makes matters worse.  Her presence is pervasive and she takes over any area she can sink her little claws in.  And she’s not afraid to outright attack when you least expect it.

Her name is Bullhead, which is the Navajo name for Puncture Vine or Goathead.  She is one of the most dastardly plants I’ve ever met.  Originally from the Mediterranean, she has taken over this land without her usual challengers, such as the Puncture Vine Weevil, and we pay for every bit of progress she makes: her children (seeds) will puncture right through your feet.

Many a time, I cursed aloud in pain from stepping on those damned seeds, sometimes not even outside.  The seeds stick into shoes and get tracked everywhere.  They end up in new places in your yard, in your car, and even inside your welcoming home – all the places you DON’T want them.

Out of frustration and duress I’ve taken up wearing shoes inside my home because I just can’t deal with the anxiety of *maybe* stepping on one of those seeds.  So now I’ve become very dedicated to removing these pesky weeds and with an onslaught of research, I’m ready to go to battle with my new in-law.  Let the games begin!

Do you have Bullhead around your home?  Have you been able to get rid of her?  Have you found a good use for her, or turned her into your slave somehow?  If so, how did you do it?

Read more in upcoming posts on Battling With Bullheads.

2 Replies to “Weed Wars: Meet The Bullheads”

  1. I got a good laugh from your comment. It’s been years since I’ve had to deal with bullheads but you brought back all the memories!

  2. Bullheads! If you grew up in Arizona, that’s what you call ’em. Man, I hate those things with a passion. I learned all about them when I was a kid and went barefoot. As a younger adult they were constantly flattening my mountain bike tires. Now as a cranky old guy, I find them sprouting and scream “Get offa my lawn!” I avoided driving through Bullhead City for years because I erroneously imagined that’s where they came from. Dude, I feel you pain. Right in the soles of my feet!

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