How To Start Growing Wildflowers

This page has all the basic information you need to get diggin’ and growin’ quickly, so you can start your own wildflower garden with ease.

Identifying Wild Plants

Learn with an experienced guide, but if you insist on going it alone be sure to read these 10 tips for safety and success.

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I’m here for you! If you have any questions, concerns, or comments please don’t hesitate to reach out.


First On The Scene: Milkvetch

Milkvetch is one of the first wildflowers on the spring scene, and has earned my respect as the hardiest of the hardiest.

Redstem filaree, edible and medicinal wildflower

Heron’s Bill Wildflower

Learn how to identify this extremely useful and weedy wildflower that is both edible and medicinal.

The Wildflower That Saves Lives

Learn what makes Rocky Mountain Bee Plant a true friend and life saver for both humans and bees. Then learn how to identify it in the wild.

Champ With Wild Mustard & Spring Onions

This recipe is a fun foragers treat for St. Patty’s Day or Easter, and is very budget friendly.

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In A Pinch Wild Pesto

Wild greens are a great replacement for traditional basil, and you can’t beat the cost of a free garden weed. If you find yourself in a pinch, give this wild pesto recipe a try.

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Purslane & Nectarine Salad

Southwest Summer Salad With Purslane & Nectarine

If you want to support your health and give your mind a boost, gobble up all your purslane weeds! Get this southwestern salad recipe made with wild greens, nectarines, and jalapeno. It also features a southwestern staple: sunflower oil.

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